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Why shouldn’t you handle your own divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Divorce

How many times have you tried to watch an online tutorial or read a book about something to learn how to do it yourself instead of hiring someone? If you’re like most Americans nowadays, then this is a common approach in your household.

How often do things go as planned, though? If your answer is “not often,” then you may want to leave filing for divorce to an attorney much like you’d leave a faulty wiring issue to an electrician. There are countless reasons why you don’t want to play lawyer when you’re pursuing a divorce. 

Lawyers are skilled negotiators

Divorce is all about compromise. In many ways, the actual business of divorce is very technical. You and your spouse will likely need to agree on custody, property division and alimony. Such discussions are often easier said than done.  

An attorney can do more than help you bridge that communication gap between you and your ex. They can advise you of the implications of making certain choices. They can then help the two of you find common ground that minimizes future conflicts. They can also serve as an effective buffer and a neutral voice that can help take the emotions out of the business aspects of divorce.

Most couples go into a divorce wanting to settle it quickly to move on with their lives. It’s never ideal for you to make quick, uninformed decisions in your divorce, though. Some assets may end up not being counted, leaving you with less than you expect or deserve. Fast-brokered agreements may also leave you with a custodial arrangement that’s not in your kids’ best interests. 

Ultimately, working with an attorney can help you avoid a litigated divorce that’s time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Avoiding litigation can also reduce the stress on you and your kids. 

When you’re ready to move on

A systematic approach is often the best one for divorcing Florida couples to take. Please continue reviewing our website to learn more about your options and our services.