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Gain Straightforward Advice About Divorce In Florida

Divorce outcomes set the stage for how you will move ahead with the rest of your life. Whether you anticipate a peaceful negotiation process or contentious litigation, your lawyer should remain focused on protecting your interests.

The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A., keeps your priorities at the center of your divorce. For over two decades, attorney Tonya Cromartie has fought hard to secure fair results for her clients in Daytona Beach. She can work with you from the early stages of divorce through its aftermath.

Insisting On What You Deserve

You can trust attorney Cromartie to advocate for you in all angles of divorce and family conflicts, including:

As an experienced trial lawyer, attorney Cromartie knows how to use strategies and law to her clients’ benefit. You may have particular concerns about hidden finances, business ownership, safety or other unique challenges, but she is ready to address them all.

Define Your Finances During And After Divorce

Economic factors play a significant role in divorce. From deciding who keeps the house to how much alimony is appropriate, you will likely encounter a variety of questions.

In Florida, alimony does not favor a specific gender; several factors impact whether a spouse can receive alimony. These factors include the duration of the marriage, the level of financial need and the available resources of each spouse. Some alimony orders are temporary, allowing the spouse to make ends meet or pursue training that can enable them to earn more income following divorce. Other orders may be permanent – often when a spouse is unable to earn sufficient income.

Throughout the divorce process, attorney Cromartie can help you understand your options for alimony, division of property, child support and any financial complications.

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