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Is a paternity test accurate?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Divorce

If you’re considering a paternity test, the number one thing you want is accuracy. You need to know for certain that the test is going to give you the right results. You already have a lot of questions, and this test needs to be a sure thing.

The reasons for the test can vary. Perhaps you think that you’re not the father, but someone that you used to date is asking you for child support, and you just want to prove that you’re not obligated to pay. Maybe your ex says that the child isn’t yours, but you believe they are, and you’re trying to get custody time. No matter what you’re attempting to do, the accuracy of that test is critical.

You can trust DNA tests

If anyone expresses distrust of a paternity test to you, they are probably not thinking of modern DNA tests. Paternity was highly contested before DNA tests became viable, and there could be a lot of confusion over who was or was not the father of a child.

But now that we have DNA tests, they’re typically about 99.9% accurate. It’s impossible to say that any test is 100% accurate. Scientifically speaking, that’s just a bold claim to make that is difficult to back up with numerical data. But the odds of the test being wrong are absolutely minuscule, and you can trust that the results you get if provided by a legitimate lab, are going to be correct.

Of course, getting a paternity test is just the first step. Be sure you know what legal steps to take next after you get those results.