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Signs your child is struggling post-divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Divorce

Getting divorced is a huge adjustment for adults, let alone children. Typically, adults at least have some understanding of why the relationship didn’t work. And if not, they might have seen the divorce coming. Divorce often comes as a shock to kids, and they can struggle to process the whole situation.

Outlined below are some signs that your child is finding it tough post-divorce.

Acting out at school

Your child has always had glowing school reports. Thus, it comes as a shock to you when the teacher reports disruptive behavior at the next parent-teacher conference. The grades of your child have also plummeted since the divorce. These are sure signs that your child is not taking the divorce very well at all.

Turning on one parent

Occasionally, children will be inclined to pick favorites. Usually, this is temporary. For instance, a child may think that their father is more likely to say yes to buying them a treat, or vice versa with their mum. However, if this favoritism becomes more malicious post-divorce, then it could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. The child may have developed the wrong impression that one parent has given up on them or is responsible for the divorce. Where are they getting this information from?

How can you help?

As co-parents, it is perfectly feasible to raise a happy child together post-divorce. However, this relies on effective communication and minimal conflict. If you’re concerned about your parental rights or the current custody arrangement, be sure to seek some legal guidance.