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When your career takes off, can you take your kids with you?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Divorce

If you work in a hotel, then there may be times when you have the opportunity to move to advance your career. Perhaps a management position will open up a few hours from your current location or you’ll be asked to take over a general manager’s position in a different state.

That can mean great things for your financial stability and future, but what happens if you have divorced and have children? If you do, then you may be unsure of how to handle custody arrangements or your parenting plan.

If you’re already divorced, you may not have addressed this kind of situation in your parenting plan or child custody decree. If you did, then refer back to that to get a sense of what needs to happen next. For those who have not, if you want to take your children with you, then you’ll need to ask for a modification of your custody orders.

The other parent may not agree, especially if moving your children would hinder their ability to see them. You and the other parent should discuss the issue and see if you can come up with a resolution. If not, then you’ll need to go to court.

If you go to court, the judge will want to see that you:

  • Are moving for a legitimate purpose
  • Have your children’s best interests in mind by asking to take them with you
  • Have considered how the move will affect the other parent and your children’s relationships
  • And other important factors.

Your attorney will work with you to try to help you present your case in a way that helps others see why you want to move with your children (and to help you succeed with the new arrangement).