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Get The Post-Judgment Modification That You Need

When it comes to certain family law matters, you may find that you need to modify a previous court order. This is often possible, but you would benefit from working with an attorney who can give you the best chance possible of securing the modification that you need.

Tonya Cromartie is here to assist you. At her law firm, The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A., she represents clients throughout the Daytona Beach area who need legal assistance in seeking post-judgement modifications for child support, child custody and visitation rights or alimony. With more than 20 years of experience to her name, she is more than capable of helping you seek the modification that you need.

When Will Courts Modify A Previous Order?

Only a few situations merit the modification of an existing court order. If you do not have sufficient ground for a modification, the court will likely not grant you one. You may qualify for a post-order modification if:

  • A party experiences a significant change in income
  • A party remarries or begins cohabitation
  • A parent relocates out of state
  • A parent interferes with the other’s custodial or visitation rights
  • A parent is accused of domestic abuse or child abuse
  • The child’s needs change significantly

When you contact The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A., Tonya can sit down with you to discuss your situation one-on-one. She can determine whether you qualify for a post-decree modification for your family legal issue. If so, she will start you on the process of obtaining it.

Tonya is Supreme Court-certified as a family mediator. If you need an attorney to represent you in mediation or you seek a mediator, she can help you.

Ask About Seeking A Modification

Tonya Cromartie is ready to help you understand your options. Contact the law firm of The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A., in Daytona Beach to discuss how you can seek a post-judgment modification. To reach Tonya for an initial consultation, call 386-319-2658 or send an email.