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3 signs that you need a post-decree custody modification 

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Child Custody

No matter how careful you are while creating it, your parenting plan isn’t going to always work for your family. Sometimes, you have unique situations that deviate from your daily life. Other times, your family experiences substantial changes that require an update to the plan. 

The Florida family courts are clear that a parent requesting a modification needs to show that the changes to family circumstances are substantial and have an impact on the children or the co-parenting situation. All three of the circumstances below might justify a modification request in Florida.

When one parent consistently cancels their custody time

The sad truth is that some people will ask for shared custody just because they don’t want to pay child support. If your ex has not consistently shown up for your kids, documenting their failures and asking the courts to change the plan to reflect how often they really show up could help you.

When the schedules of the parents or the children change

Maybe one parent just started a new job or the children are old enough to leave daycare behind and start elementary school. When there are big changes to the family schedule, the custody arrangements may also need to change.

When one parent can’t take proper care of the children

Maybe your ex has backslid into their unfortunate alcoholic behaviors. Perhaps they’ve developed a new drug habit and frequently pass out with the children in their custody. Whether your ex leaves the children unattended to go gambling or it exposes them to drugs or violence, you shouldn’t have to send your children into a dangerous situation. When your ex no longer properly parents, showing the court proof of the pattern of dangerous behavior could result in a change to your custody plan. 

Recognizing the signs that a modification might benefit you can help you be a better advocate for yourself and your children.