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Signs your spouse is preparing for divorce

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Divorce

Many spouses may say that their marriage is going great, then be completely shocked when they receive divorce papers. Often, once a spouse files for divorce, there is very little the other can do to repair things. Divorce rates have been increasing for some time, and it may be possible that your spouse is preparing for divorce.

Whether a spouse also wants a divorce or instead tries to fix things in their relationship, they need to identify if their spouse is preparing for divorce. Here are five signs your spouse may be preparing for divorce:

Their cell phone usage has changed

If your spouse has recently increased the amount of time they spend on their phone, they may be doing more than browsing the internet. Your spouse may be in contact with a divorce attorney via email or seeking guidance from loved ones about whether to move forward with things.

They start investing in themselves more

Makeovers, wardrobe changes, focusing on hobbies, and socialization can all indicate your spouse anticipating new freedom in the future. These changes could mean that they are preparing for their new life after divorce.

No more long-term planning

If your spouse is avoiding conversations about what you want to do together for next year’s vacation or for your next anniversary, it may be because they do not expect to be with you for the next one. They may already have a date in mind when to file for divorce, which is why they are not making future plans.

More financial interest

If your spouse takes a sudden interest in finances such as monthly income, bank statements, and monthly spending, there may be a reason for it. Your spouse may be looking to gather information about finances to prepare for property division negotiations.

You don’t see their mail anymore

If your spouse used to get regular mail from the bank or other places, it no longer shows up at your home, which could be a sign of a coming divorce. Your spouse may have forwarded their mail to a P.O. box, or they may have a new residence lined up already.

Do not ignore the signs

If you suspect that your spouse is planning for divorce, you have an important decision to make. If you choose to try to fix the relationship before it is too late, do not wait any longer to take action. If you want to follow through with the divorce, talk to a divorce attorney immediately about what you should be doing to prepare yourself and your children for the coming divorce.