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What Do You Know About Child Support In Florida?

Every parent wants what’s best for their children, and that includes ensuring their financial position. Even so, the disputes and difficulties facing parents in child support issues are very real. They require very real attention from a skilled lawyer.

At , attorney Tonya Cromartie has over 20 years of experience in all family law issues. The Law Office of Tonya D. Cromartie, P.A., helps parents across Daytona deal with the discussions, negotiations and pursuit of appropriate child support.

Setting Child Support

As a major component of the divorce process, child support is one of the biggest and most hard-fought discussions. However, Florida uses a standard calculator to decide the appropriate amount of support. This calendar takes into account the following:

  • Income from both parents
  • Resources of both parents
  • Where the child spends most of their time
  • Expenses, such as food, education and medicines

Once these issues are reviewed by the judge and entered into the child support calculator, to come up with what is considered the fair amount. Now there are some cases where high-wealth individuals use a separate calculator, which may result in a proportionally smaller amount of support. However, the goal is to provide for the child’s needs in the most appropriate way possible.

Pursuing Delinquent Support Payments

One of the most frustrating aspects of a child support matter is a delinquent payment. At , attorney Tonya Cromartie will fight to help you secure the enforcement you deserve for your payment. With her attention and strength, she can help you secure the payments owed to you for the care of your child.

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